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B.A.P.T.O. was formed in 1975 as a non-profit organisation in order to unify the activities of those who undertake the supply of pool tables to the licensed trade.

Over the last two decades B.A.P.T.O has provided a drive in the development of the game and to its popularity and strength.

B.A.P.T.O. is responsible for the promotion of pool and the standardisation of the rules for the game in the U.K - our Mission Statement:

  • To promote co-operation and best practices amongst members
  • To develop the sport of 8 Ball Pool in all its forms
  • To gain recognition by the media that pool is one of the leading sports and leisure activities

B.A.P.T.O.'s Annual Pool Competition grows from strength to strength, the first being held in 1977, this year's competition being the 35th. Free Player Registration here.

Join Us

We are now accepting Pool Leagues as Associate Members.

If you want to meet and play against the best, develop your skills, seek an additional Championship to participate in and want your voice to be heard and views understood in your sport, join us..

Contact Details

Mike Dicks - Chairman
Ken Hussey - Deputy Chairman
Bob Blakeborough - Treasurer
Liam Barrett - Secretary

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