The 10 Commandments of Snooker & Pool

Mastering the art of snooker and pool is not merely about potting balls or outscoring your opponents; it’s a journey of self-improvement and tactical prowess. Embrace these ten essential reminders and watch your skills flourish on the green baize, leading you on your own road to glory.

1. Chalk Your Cue Consistently

A proper chalk application on the cue tip after each shot ensures optimal friction between the cue and the ball, reducing the chances of miscues. It’s a simple habit, but one that plays a critical role in your performance.

2. Maintain Unwavering Focus

Every shot matters in a game of snooker or pool. A lapse in concentration can lead to an unplanned mistake, potentially costing you the game. Stay focused, and treat every shot with the seriousness it deserves.

3. Make Decisive Choices

Once you’ve planned your shot, stick to your decision. Indecision can lead to errors, thrown-off timing, and can unravel your game plan. Trust your instincts and judgment.

4. Learn from Your Errors

Everyone makes mistakes, but what sets a great player apart is the ability to learn from them. Analyze your faults and work tirelessly to rectify them one by one. Perseverance paves the path to glory.

5. Master Your Stroke

A good stroke is not just about the moment the cue hits the ball. It’s about the concentration before, the execution during, and the follow-through after. Make every part of your stroke count.

6. Practice Troublesome Shots

Are there specific shots that often pose a challenge? Practice them. Regular, focused practice turns weaknesses into strengths. Remember, practice makes perfect.

7. Always Follow Through

An effective cueing action doesn’t stop at the moment of impact with the cue ball. Following through with your stroke ensures proper ball control and effective power transfer.

8. Respect Your Opponent

Never underestimate your opponent and always show them the courtesy they deserve. Good sportsmanship is a mark of a true champion.

9. Play with Confidence

Self-belief is key. Have the confidence to execute your shots and don’t fear mistakes. They’re part of the learning process.

10. Seek Out Superior Competition

To truly improve, challenge yourself by playing against those who are better than you. It’s through these challenging experiences that your skills and tactics will evolve.


Embodying these ten principles is a sure-fire way to enhance your skills and performance in snooker and pool. Remember, the road to glory is not a sprint; it’s a marathon that requires patience, dedication, and a love for the game.