Mastering the Art of Cueing Techniques in Snooker & Pool

Whether you’re an aspiring snooker or pool player, or a seasoned veteran looking to up your game, mastering the art of cueing is a crucial step on your journey. Here we explore essential cueing techniques and their applications, helping you to perfect your shots and truly command the table.

The Two Pillars of Accurate Shots

Before we dive into specific techniques, let’s remember two fundamental factors that influence every shot:

The direction of the cue-ball
The alignment with your object-ball
Always aim for no more than the diameter of your cue tip away from the center of the cue-ball. Now, let’s explore the five main techniques you can employ during any given shot.

1. Straight Shot

A straight shot involves a forward strike in the direction of the object-ball, aiming for the center of the cue-ball. This fundamental technique is the cornerstone of snooker and pool.

2. Follow Shot

In a follow shot, strike the cue-ball a cue-tip’s length above the center. This will make the cue-ball follow the object-ball – either in a straight line or at an angle, depending on the type of shot.

3. Draw Shot

To execute a draw shot, strike the cue-ball below its center. This technique makes the cue-ball retreat towards you after contacting the object-ball, offering unique positioning opportunities.

4. Left English

To apply left English, hit the cue-ball to the left of its center. This action will cause the cue-ball to deflect to the right. Be aware that mastering this technique requires learning to compensate for the deflection.

5. Right English

Just like left English, but the cue-ball is struck to the right of its center, causing it to deflect to the left. This technique adds another layer of complexity to your game.

Avoiding Miscuing

Most miscues occur from attempting to strike the cue-ball too far from its center or jabbing at it. Practice and confidence are key to avoiding these errors. Begin with straight-in and cut shots, practicing the five stroke positions before moving on to cushion shots.


Mastering these cueing techniques is crucial for any snooker or pool player looking to improve their game. Remember, practice makes perfect, and the best players are always learning and refining their skills. With these techniques in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to becoming a formidable player.