Pool Facts

The top four countries where pool is played are:

  1. USA and Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Germany
  4. France


The U.K use smaller tables, object and cue balls compared to the American game

Other countries playing the U.K game include:- France - Spain - Australia

5.2 million people play pool every week in the U.K.

Over 2 million people play pool regularly and over 3 million are casual players

62,000 tables are supplied by pool table operators to public houses, clubs, hotels, etc.

B.A.P.T.O members supply to over 20,000 sites in the U.K.

B.A.P.T.O has its own players database which is restricted only to 'key players'     i.e. team captains, organisers etc - These 'Key Players' mean that we can reach the POOL PLAYERS effectively and quickly

Through its members and database, B.A.P.T.O can provide sponsors with a huge Potential targeted audience. Below the line Promotional Opportunities are tremendous

The average player is 32 years old earning over £17k., 60% are married/with a partner and half have children. Over 80% drive and 60% own their home. The key players/organisers on the B.A.P.T.O database can reach in total, 22,000 other players. There are over 2,000,000 regular players, with 64% visiting their pub/club over 3 times per week, over 88% of the sites have satellite with 97% of players stating that they would ask for it to be switched on where relevant. (These statistics were taken from the B.A.P.T.O questionnaire)