Within the U.K, the Operators supply over 20,000 sites, providing potential sponsors with a captive target audience and high opportunities to view.

Their operational staff normally visit each site at least every 14 days providing a distribution route matched by no other Pool Organisation / Promoter.

Imagine the throughput of each site, each week, and thus the number of potential consumers that will receive your communication and message!

Does the following profile of our players match your target consumer profile?

  • The average player is 32 years old earning over £17k
  • 60% are married/with a partner and half have children
  • Over 80% drive and 60% own their home
  • There are over 2,000,000 regular players
  • 64% of players visit their pub/club over 3 times per week
  • Over 88% of the sites have satellite with 97% of players stating that they would ask for it to be switched on where relevant.

Cue Sports Leisure Intelligence - (Source Mintel)

Product development driving the market forward

American pool, variable pricing (premium pricing/happy hour), novelty games and UV pool have proved more profitable and popular with consumers.
The growth of American pool has boosted a static market. "Quicker games means more profit and more player excitement".

 Cue Sports becoming more accessible

Pool is considered less of an 'add on" now, more of a core activity multi discipline environment.
Growth in women's interest due to pool presence in less male dominated venues.

Non Cue Sports revenue sources most important for specialist operators

30% cue sports, 30% drinks, 30% machines,10% other (food, membership etc.)
Revenue: Snooker static, English pool declining, American pool rising.

 Larger chains emerge but single site operators predominate

Rileys American Pool & Snooker are the biggest.
89% of specialist venues are independently owned.

 Promotion still relatively low key

The lack of big chains means promotion and marketing is low profile and local.
Despite opportunities afforded by memberships, marketing is under exploited.

 A male dominated sport

  • Cue sports players are mainly males aged 15-34, across all socio economic groups employed full time, and usually without family dependents.
  • Geographically, Cue sports are most popular in London, S East, Anglia/ Midlands and Yorks/N East. Scotland recorded the lowest rating.
  • Snooker players are twice as likely to be male as female, aged 15-44 (with a peak at 15-19), and evenly from all social groups.
  • Pool players are less predominantly male, of similar age profile, but with slight peaks in popularity amongst A, B and C2 economic groups.
  • Those that play snooker exclusively are most likely to be male and older.
  • Those who play pool exclusively are most likely to be working women, 20-24.
  • Twice as many people play pool once a week as play snooker once a week.

Pubs and bars the most popular places to play

  • 51% of players play in a pub or bar, as part of a wider entertainment experience.
  • 47% of players play in a club, either as member or visitor.
  • 35% of players play in a specialist cue sports bar or pub.
  • 40% of those surveyed knew where to play snooker locally.
  • 33% of those surveyed knew where to play English pool locally.
  • 10% of those surveyed knew where to play American pool locally.

Ignorance of how to play abounds

This applies to Snooker, English pool and American pool.

Room for expansion of both specialist and generalist sides of industry

  • Specialist outlets will continue to be male dominated and for hard core cue sports players.
  • Attraction could be increased by becoming more female friendly.
  • The growth of media coverage and new games, like American pool will help.
  • The more casual cue sports player will continue to play in the comfort of a multi discipline environment...where they can choose whether they want to play American pool, have a drink, a meal, play a machine or have a dance.”
  • "The highly fragmented nature, along with the high potential profit margins and rapid returns on investment, of the cue sports market means that it is ripe for a period of significant development".

This applies especially within non specialist venues.

To enable development:

  • "make outlets less intimidating and more fun".
  • Increase knowledge of rules of the games.
  • Increase female friendliness.
  • Take advantage of product development like American pool, which is continuing to grow in popularity and bring new customers, such as women, into the market.